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A Meal Plan For Weight Loss

A healthy yet delicious meal plan is required to have a proper way of dieting. Having a meal plan for weight loss is not about eating boring and flavorless food. The recommended daily calorie count is 1,200, hence, you can still eat interesting food as long as you consider the daily calorie. Incorporate such plan with cardio exercises for few times a week, you will be able to see the difference.

Food Plan in the Morning
One to two slices of whole wheat bread spread with peanut butter since it is rich in proteins and fiber. Peanut butter has a high content of protein thus it assist in regulating blood sugar levels and makes you feel full in a longer time. Pair the toast with a fruit or yogurt. For a complete low-fat breakfast, drink with a glassful of coffee, it has around 300 calories.

Food Plan in the Lunch
Remove the seeds that inside of the bell pepper after cutting it into half. Do not throw the top of the pepper. Now put the a flavored rice on the inside. Add any kind of cheese on the top of the flavored rice then cover it with the upper part of the pepper. Afterwards, bake it in the oven for half an hour for 30 minutes. The cheese will liquefy once the rice has soften. This meal plan will have a total of 330 calories.
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Meal for Supper
Choose a whole-wheat pasta and cook it in the pan for at least 12 minutes. From the claim of a professional doctor, studies suggests that you need to choose a whole-wheat pasta for it has important sectors of the grain, and those are: bran, endosperm and germ compared to an ordinary white pasta that only contains endosperm. In a bowl, sliced some salad. Choose ingredients like tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and onions in your salad since it has few calorie count. You can add dressings like olive oil, pinch of salt and pepper and balsamic vinegar. Remove the water of the pasta from the pan once cooked then put the healthy salad and mix through. This healthy meal contains less than 300 calories than the meal plan for breakfast and lunch.
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Snack Concept

Slice an apple and eat it gently. Eating in that way gives the food to be absorbed well and will eventually make you feel full from the time being. When leaving the house, bring a cereal bag in your house. It has a hundred calorie snack. Eat some peanuts. According to studies, it has good source of fats and vitamins which help to prevent a human from heart disease.

The above-mentioned are few of the many sample for diet plans. You can try other recipes for your meal plan as long as you need to balance your calorie intake. Perhaps if you are bored with your meal plan you can always try for delicious protein shakes, they are a good meal replacement.