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3 Effective B2B Marketing Strategies

In order to grow any business, having a proper marketing strategy is vital. So many B2B companies however lack a solid strategy for converting more and more clients. In this case, customers are other businesses, so you want to make sure you’re speaking their language.

The usual SEO, social media and PPC services are fine, but are they enough to reach your target audience? What other strategies are going to be very effective when targeting other businesses? Let’s take a look at 3 B2B marketing strategies you can’t afford to ignore:

Invest in marketing automation
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Businesses that have not invested in some kind of marketing automation are missing out. Email marketing used to be quite simple in the past. You just sent out an email to your subscribers once in a while, and they would sometimes respond to it. However, with the need for insights, it became necessary to gather all the data that could be gathered. Marketing automation systems help you keep track of your subscribers and their behavior.
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With marketing automation, you can target the right people with the right messages at the right time. Gone are those days when you’d target random people with random messages and still be left to wonder about their responses.

Invest in an explainer video

The use of an explainer video has become a standard for today’s B2b websites. A video gives you the opportunity to explain in brief what the product/service is all about, and why the customer might find it useful. You also get to talk about your company, and in the process, add a human face to it. Because your site visitors get to know who’s behind the company, an explainer video is important for building trust. Also bear in mind that many people have neither the time nor the attention span to read the tons of content you may have posted on the homepage. And nothing can summarize it all better than an explainer video.

High-value content

Having a blog section is imperative for every serious business. your blog is the place to share valuable content and insights with your audience. When you readers recognize that you know your stuff well, a certain confidence in your product or service develops. And trust increases s a prospect’s chances of buying from you, as we all know.

Putting out lengthier content–ebooks, white papers, video courses etc. is one of the best ways to establish authority. So it’s important that the emphasis is on quality rather than quantity. The more useful information you pack in each piece of published content, the more customers you can expect.