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Why You should be Participating in More Scavenger Hunts.

Easter egg hunt is a very common activity in homes during the Easter festivals and almost everyone have the memories of those times. Children can be seen in fields and around homes as they search for the Eastern eggs motivated by the candy rewards that are placed inside Easter eggs. The eggs used in Easter can be real hard-boiled eggs or artificial ones and they are used by Christians as a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus. The egg hunt in Easter have been passed from generation to generation and it just gets better with time with introduction of new ideas such as the use of riddles and clues that make it more interesting.

Besides being enjoyable, scavenger hunting can be a good way of teaching team work to children. children trying to solve the riddles and find the eggs have to work together to find them faster. Helping children learn the benefits involving others when finding solutions to difficult solution through scavenger hunt is a fun way of teaching. For adults, it can work as a way of making interaction easier especially when people are new to each other. Scavenger hunt can help in bringing a team together because every member has to contribute to find solutions to the riddles.

The use of puzzle-solving skills when trying to solve a scavenger hunt riddle enables the participants to stimulate their minds. Scavenger hunting is another way of improving logical thinking and creative thinking both as an individual and as a group. A scavenger hunt is also beneficial in learning navigation skills. The participants in a scavenger hunt that uses maps have to follow directions and also keep good track of their location and the distance they have travelled.

Treasure hunting is also a good way of promoting interaction. For the clues to be solved, the participants have to communicate with each other and work as a team. When people who don’t know each other meet, a scavenger hunt can be used as an ice-breaker that will enable them to interact with each other freely and comfortably. People will also get out of their comfort zone when a scavenger hunt involves competition because they don’t want to carry the blame of the team’s failure.

Scavenger hunting is also beneficial because it can be used for exercising. The participants can lose some weight when running around in search of the treasure People who want to lose weight can come up with a game that will keep them running or walking for long distance with the help of a scavenger hunt because it is easy to customize and have no distance limitations. Scavenger hunts are also a way of exercising your mind by solving riddles and clues.

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