Superior and Powerful new 2017-Mercedes-AMG E-43

The highly superior new 2017-Mercedes-AMG E-43 is highly powerful and available at reasonable cost. It has the specially designed drivertrain which runs on 4MATIC brand. It has powerful twin turbo V6 engine which runs with 3.0 litres of displacement. AMG E-43 takes less than 4.5 seconds to change its speed from 0 to 100 mph. the car 2017-Mercedes-AMG E-43 is highly superior and very comfortable.

The car is agile from inside with relaxing interior and the Air Body Controller system. It has firm air suspension which absorbs the pothole. It makes car journey most restful.  The Mercedes Benz E43 is the new car is considered to the latest model in new era of AMG cars. The hot rod range of AMG models which are uncompromised and having the feature of autobahn-inhaling.

superior-and-powerful-new-2017-mercedes-amg-e-43The engine is having quicker shifting version with nine-speed auto transmission and with a switch used to change to the manual mode. The nine-speed technique is highly reliable for drivers even while driving in manual mode. The brakes are added with 14.2 inch rotors with vented facades. If you want a great option for replacement of rims then get AMG replacement rims by UsaRim as they are one of the best companies known for rim providing.

The superior E43 car has in-built aids useful while driving. Every aid is helpful while driving and helps the driver in controlling every move. The adaptive cruise helps in avoiding collision on the up-front. The automated breaks allow better control under emergencies. Also driver pilot is interesting feature which is the automated driving system.

Comparing with the other cars in the range of E 46, E 43 is much smoother and not very stronger in performance. It has limitations while using the technology of autobahn speed. It has artificially enhanced soundtrack which gives average performance even while using the Sports or Sports+ options.

The AMG E43 has the powerful steering facility. The smooth rimmed wheels which control the car even at higher speed.  The micro-suede technology is used on center heft and precision by keeping the confidence even while driving at100 mph. At lower speed the wheel can be turn off and it is easy to adjust the change in speed. The entire setup in the car is more relaxed and it makes the journey safer and comfortable all the time.

The car uses less belligerent tires which are about 19 inches wheels are the most appropriate. On the smooth roads the ride will feel smooth without any brittle. The E-class engineers have confirmed that tuning of the E-43 chassis is better than E63 cars. Most of the Mercedes customers will prefer 2017-Mercedes-AMG E-43 than many other models.