Keeping Your Motorcycle in Tip Top Shape: 5 Excellent Tips


Your motorcycle should always be looked after to ensure it’s able to provide you with the smooth riding experience you crave. If a motorcycle isn’t well looked after and given the attention it deserves, you can be sure your experience is going to suffer. And more importantly, the easiest way to sell motorcycles online is when they look clean and new.

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If you’re looking for motorcycle care tips, look no further than the top tips listed below.

  1. Only Ride Your Pride and Joy on Summer Days

The wet weather can always ruin a riding experience, but it can also play a part in ruining the motorcycle, although not by much. Wet weather often means spray on the roads, and that can lead to small stone chips and other problems. Riding in the wet conditions doesn’t pose any major problems, but riding on a summers day can provide many more benefits.

  1. Regularly Get Your Motorcycle Professionally Valeted

A motorcycle can be cleaned and polished at home with ease, and often it will look brand new. However, if you hire a professional to come in and clean your pride and joy you can be sure you are going to get a much better job done. Always consider paying the extra on a valeting service and you can be sure you and your motorcycle will benefit from it in the future, especially when it comes to selling.

  1. Inspect Your Bike Once a Week

Even if you’re having a break from riding for a while and your motorcycle is kept securely in a garage with a protection cover – always make sure you uncover the bike once a week and give it a polish or at least a wipe with a dry cloth. Not only will the bike continue to sparkle but you’ll also make sure it hasn’t succumbed to any unexpected weather damage.

  1. Replace Parts When Necessary

Motorcycle parts do get old and outdated so it’s important these get replaced as soon as possible. If parts are in that bad of a condition they can sometimes cause other problems which can end up costing even more to repair. Replacing parts quickly may seem like an expensive duty to undertake, but it’s one that should be considered because it could end up saving you money in the long term.

  1. Try to Ride Often

While we stated above that you should only try to ride your motorcycle during dry summer days, it’s still important to try and get out when you can – even if it means going out in the rain. Keeping your motorcycle in decent shape can only be done if the motorcycle itself gets a good run around – so don’t be afraid to take it out in wet conditions.

Keeping a motorcycle in good condition isn’t easy as there are many points to consider, but if you follow the above points you will find that your motorcycle has a much higher chance of a longer life.