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Tips For Documentary Filmmaking

Basically, documentary film is a film or non-fiction video and can tackle any topic from person, issue, event or real-life topic. Some of the documentary films are providing us with educational info regarding things that are not so popular. Others are telling detailed stories about events and/or people. Still, there are others that try to persuade audience to agree in a certain viewpoint. No matter what the subject you choose, documentary filmmaking is a serious undertaking.

And as a result, there are several steps that filmmakers follow in an effort to come up with an effective documentary.

Number 1. Choosing a worthy topic – what the film is about? The film should be worthy of the audience’s time, which is why this question is so important to the filmmakers. It is essential that the topic is not something universally agreed upon or mundane. Rather, try to focus on subjects that aren’t well known or controversial or try to shed new light on an issue, event or person that the public has made its mind up on it. Try to film things that are interesting and avoid those that are boring or ordinary in other words.
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Number 2. Try your ideas in verbal form first – start by telling your documentary idea in a story form to your friends and family. You may do one of two things according to their reactions and it’s either to scrap the idea or, revise it and move forward. And even if documentaries are educational, still they have to hold the attention of audience. It is going to be a very smart move to choose subjects that have great potential to hold audience’s interests and attention.
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Number 3. Find a purpose for your film – always keep in mind that documentary films have a point. Good documentaries can be asking a question regarding the way our society functions, attempting to disprove or prove the validity of certain point of view, cast light on an event or phenomenon unknown to public in hopes that it can spur attention. Even documentaries focused on events that happened in the past can draw connections to the world that we live in today. And despite its name, the primary purpose of documentary isn’t limited to documenting something that has occurred. Rather, the objective of a documentary is for it to surprise, persuade, question and/or challenge its audience.

Number 4. Do research on the topic – even if you are familiar with the topic, it is still a smart idea to do research about it extensively before you start filming. You may consider reading on your topic for as much as you can, watch topic about topics that exist already, use the internet and any library you have an access to, to give you info and other resources that can help in elaborating it.