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Save money on your next MOT test by following these simple tips

If your MOT test is approaching and the thought of facing it is stressing you out then this post might be perfect for you. For many drivers, taking their cars in for am MOT test is the worst thing that could happen because if everything is not in place you might be left with a huge bill or even worse your car might be deemed unfit for the road. Doing a few simple pre-MOT checks, like inspecting your lights, tyres and wheels, drivers view, brakes, steering and suspension can help reduce the overall costs of getting your car through its MOT.

Tyres – The first thing to look out for are your tyres. The legal requirement in the UK is 1.6mm but you should never let them get that bad before you act. To check the tread count of your tyre, the easiest and most common way is the ‘20p test’. To do this you simply must insert a 20p coin into the main tread grooves of your tyre. If the outer band of the coin is obscured when it is inserted then your tread is legal and if it doesn’t then if might be time to replace your tyres. Before replacing make sure that you have information on the correct tyre sizes for your car.

Lights – It is always a clever idea to check the lights on your car. From your break lights to your headlights, indicators and anything else in-between. For your rear lights you can ask a friend to stand outside the car while you go through all the basics. The advantage of replacing your own bulbs is that you can shop around to find a cheap alternative and you don’t have to pay for a mechanic to help you fix it for you.

Windscreen – Carefully check your windscreen for cracks or chips. If you find a small chip it doesn’t necessarily mean the car will fail its MOT test but it is still important to get it fixed. A small chip is not a problem but if you leave it unattended and drive over speedbumps it can expand into a crack and cost more to fix or replace. While you are checking the windscreen, it might also be worth checking the wiper blades, they must be in good working condition to pass the MOT test.

Spark Plugs – Your spark plugs also play a role in the MOT test, they can be easily replaced before the MOT test if you feel that may be faulty. If the car is not idling smoothly, has trouble with acceleration or is using more fuel than usual, the spark plugs may be faulty. Most drivers are able to change the spark plugs themselves but it you do not feel comfortable about it then you can have a professional take a good at it.

While these DIY checks can help you avoid paying ridiculous charges and failing the MOT, not everyone can do. So, if you are not comfortable fixing any part of the car then you should take it into a professional to avoid incurring extra costs.

US Junk Cars

junk cars

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We vehicles in almost any make, model, year and condition including:
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How does it work?
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Once you accept our offer, US Junk Cars will schedule a convenient pick-up day and time to come and collect your vehicle. Same day service is available almost anywhere in the country! We’ll send out a tow truck to pick up your vehicle absolutely free of charge. Get paid in cash for junk cars instantly when we arrive! We can even pay you via check or money order if you choose, and all methods of payment come with a receipt for your records. No key- no problem. Any year, make, or model, in any condition is accepted both foreign and domestic.

Study: My Understanding of Kayaks

Reasons Why You Should Get on An Outrigger Canoe

There are many functions that you can perform with your canoes such as fishing and diving.The canoe outriggers will ensure your safety when you want to undertake any activity in the waters.Beginners can practice peddling without the fear of tipping over or even getting wet in a canoe. In the case of kayaks, the outriggers are fixed at the rear so that they can interfere as little as possible with the activities of the paddler.Fishing with a kayak has a lot of advantages, not only to find the fish, but they will give a hand to catch them as well. The following are the benefits of having fitting your kayak with the outriggers.

The first reason you need to mount the outriggers to your fishing kayak is because you will have a lot of commitments while on the waters so you will not have much thoughtfulness to the balancing of the kayak.this is because you will concentrate on how you are going to catch fish, operate the fishing devices as well as handle the fish you have caught.

Maintaining the balance while you ride the kayak is very vital though most people are unable to do the balancing. The reasons they are not able to balance themselves is because their legs are used to trigger the lever drive from the kayaks center line with their legs moving higher over the deck.In this position, the leg of the peddler cannot be able to give any help in balancing that they could have contributed in a paddling mode.

Most people are fond of fishing while standing in a kayak. Only to find that there is no way they have stability.

We were created not the same and so is how we are not able to perform the same way . Most kayakers just do not know how to balance. The artificial legs and knees or hips or even being tall or even fat, old age can also affect.

There is a dire need for you to fit your kayak with stabilizers. This will enable you to get rid of the dangers that can be caused when you do not have sufficient balance power when operating your kayak. The hazards can result when you mount powerful motor to your kayak; it increases speed which can cause an accident.

The paddlers sit on the left-hand side. You will stretch your legs in front hence you will not have adequate balancing.

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